Beauty Services

Raymond Negron provides the best and latest professional hair design and beauty services with very reasonable rates for various events ranging from wedding and debuts to proms and other parties.

For the biggest events or even for any day of the week that you wish to feel beautiful, Raymond is guaranteed to fulfill all your beauty needs.

Interested clients can contact us about their planned special events. Rates are dependent on the difficulty-level of the hair styles.

Here is the variety of hairstyles we have to offer.

Hair Designs

Low-Bun – This design features quite an elegant look while having the substance of comfort that is best for the warm weather. Being able to combine two of the best things a woman want for her hair, it’s no wonder that this design making a scene in the trendy world.

The New Side Part – Try on a hip new look that matches well with any kind of hair. Be it wavy or straight, this design will certainly bring out a fresh impression of beauty from you. With this, you can look sophisticated or kinky. Either way, heads will be turning to your side.

The Jane Birkin Bang – Ride a time machine, go back to the 70’s, and bring this retro look back to the top of the hair trends. Someone might just have done these because as of now, women are donning this hair design that exudes with free spirit. It’s been four decades, but this look just never grows old.

The Punky Short Cut – Break away from the usual long locks and make a statement with this design that’s radiating with fierceness and confidence. The amazing thing with this style is the feminine feel even with its loud look. Individuality and making a statement has never been this beautiful.

The Swoop – Attitude. This is the one word that best describes this hairstyle. Keep it smooth and shiny for a look that emanates sophistication or go loose for a natural feel that’s perfect if you’re planning on putting it on regularly.